The Gifts for Weekend!

We’re giving away Commanders when you buy Mall Points this Christmas! Get your hands on even stronger Commanders when you buy MORE!

Event Duration
00:00 Dec 3 – 23:59 Dec 4 (Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Content
1. Simply purchase enough Mall Points during the event, to win a specific category of prize.
Purchase 1200 Mall Points to receive a Divine Life Boat-III + Resetting Card*10
Purchase 2100 Mall Points to receive a Divine Life Boat-IV + Secretariat Chest
Purchase 3800 Mall Points  to receive a 7-star Chrome Dome Vapor Engine Chest
Purchase 8500 Mall Points to receive a  8-star Dune Enforcers Kazati Chest
Purchase 21000 Mall Points to receive a Divine Life Boat-VII + Lockdown Chest

(Please note: all bonus MP received from on-going promotions will not count towards any of the prizes listed above)
2. At the end of the event period, each account will receive only the event prize of the highest category they qualified for.All rewards from this event are bound to the receiving player.
3. All rewards for this event will be delivered directly to winners' mailboxes. Please make sure your mailbox has at least one free slot. Otherwise, you might not receive your well-earned rewards.
4. Rewards will be delivered to players' in-game mailboxes within 3 business days of the event's conclusion. Please allow up to 3 business days for your rewards. If you don't receive your rewards after 4 business days, please contact the Galaxy Online II Support Center.

The Galaxy Online II team reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

The Invincible Adaran

After repeated assaults on the Adaran, our fleets have managed to pinpoint its weakness! Treasures are now easier to obtain from the Invincible Adaran! Try it now!

Event Period
00:00 Dec 3 – 23:59 Dec 4 (Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Site

1. The battle will begin after you've pick which event prize you want to win from the invincible Adaran. It can only be destroyed by reflecting its attacks back at Adaran. You'll command a fleet of 3 Shadow Guardians.You can activate the reflectors on either one ship or up to all 3 for one Round. Each activation will increase in cost (1st Ship: 100 Event Credits  2nd: 150 Event Credits, 3rd: 200 Event Credits). This brings the total cost of shielding all 3 fleets to 450 Event Credits.
2. When you log in, you'll be allowed to change the event prize at random once for free. You have only one free chance to change the top prize. Subsequent changes will cost 50 Event Credits and grant you 2 Dodge Sapphire-I.
3. After raising the shields on the ship/s of your choice, click the "Engage!" button to play out one round of battle. If the Adaran fires upon a ship with its shields up, the Adaran will take damage. If the ship that was targeted had its shields down, you must try again next round to damage the Adaran.
4. After each round, your shields will deactivate. You'll need to repeat the steps above to reactivate your shields for the next round.
5. If you use the Change Prize option while the battle is ongoing, the Adaran's health will be fully restored and your shields will be reset.
6. If you defeat the Adaran, you'll win the event prize. The event page will automatically reload and the Adaran will return with a new random grand prize.
7. Your mailbox can only store 50 messages. The GOII Development Team is not responsible for rewards lost due to full inboxes.
8. Please avoid participating in the event during any maintenance to avoid unnecessary complications.If you are in-game while participating in the event, simply refresh your in-game web page to receive your event prizes.

Galaxy Tarot

Have your future divined by the Gypsies for this limited time while they are visiting the Federation. Partake in their tarot and you may just collect the magical combination to unlock their grand treasures!

Event Period
00:00 Dec 3 – 23:59 Dec 4 (Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Site

Event Rules
1. Each draw of a tarot card costs 100 Event Credits.
2. When the player draws a tarot card, the reward will be revealed along with a random letter.
3. When a player receives a required letter, it will light up. When all of the letters collected light up, the player will be able to redeem a prize.
4. When a reward is redeemed, the lit-up letters will be consumed.
5. Please be sure to redeem the rewards when you can as the letters collected will be cleared when the event ends.
6. All rewards for this event are bound to the receiving player.
7. Your mailbox can only store 50 messages. The GOII Development Team is not responsible for rewards lost due to full inboxes.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune for Free!
The Wheel of Fortune

1. To spin the Wheel of Fortune, click here(

2. Each Facebook account is allowed to spin the Wheel of Fortune for free only once each day.

3. Everything won from the Wheel of Fortune will be bound.

4. Prizes won from the Wheel of Fortune will be delivered to that player's in-game mailbox.

IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune event and all its rules and rewards.