Exchange Code for Mall Points!

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Event Duration
00:00 - 23:59 Oct 24(Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Site

1. Players can redeem a special Promo Code during the event with each purchase of Mall Points to win fabulous prizes. The MP order must meet the requirements of the specific Promo Code. Eligibility terms and redemption rewards may vary. Check your individual Code for more details.
2. Only 1 Promo Code may be redeemed with each Mall Points purchase.
3. All rewards redeemed with Promo Codes are bound and will be sent to the in-game mailbox of the character of your choice. Mailboxes have a limit of 50 messages so please make sure there is enough space in the mailbox to avoid any unnecessary losses.
4. At the end of the event period, each account will receive only the event prize of the highest category they qualified for.All rewards from this event are bound to the receiving player.
5. Certain payment methods do not support the Promo CODE redemption including FBC, Mopay and Boku.
6. Please avoid participating in the event during any maintenance to avoid unnecessary complications.
7. If you are in-game while participating in the event, simply refresh your browser to receive your rewards.
8. Buy Mall Points through the MVP icon to receive an additional 10% Mall Point bonus with your purchase!
9. The Galaxy Online II team reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

Double Dare

Not happy with just getting one set of rewards? Galaxy Online now gives you two at once! Be they high rank Commanders or rare Blueprints, there’ll be a chance of doubling the rewards! Double the rewards, double the surprise! Wait no longer and start on your journey of luck!

00:00 – 23:59 Oct 24 (Server Time: GMT-5)


1. Each draw will cost 100 Event Points.
2. There are 4 lights around the Draw section. With each draw, there is a chance that they will light up.
3. When all 4 lights have been lit, the X2 above the reward will light up and you will receive double of the rewards on your next draw.
4. All rewards for this event are bound to the receiving player.
5. Please allow up to 3 business days for delivery of any and all rewards. If you do not receive your rewards within 4 business days, please contact the Galaxy Online II Service Center.

The Galaxy Online II team reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

Find your Lucky Numbers in the Galaxy Roulette

As summer vacation reaches the mid-way point, test your luck by spinning the Galaxy Roulette! Match the numbers with the prize guide below to win great rewards!

Event Period
00:00 – 23:59 Oct 23(Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Site

Event Rules
1. You'll earn Event Credits by using Coupons bought from the Web Mall. Each Roulette roll costs 100 Event Credits.
2. Click the "ROLL" button in the center of the wheel to play the event.
3. The 4-number result you get from the roll will determine the prize you win.
Special Matches: 3x is any result with 3 identical numbers, 2x is any result with a pair of identical numbers, and 1x is any result with 4 different numbers
4. You can click the "Claim" button in the "Bonus Prizes" section to receive a bonus prize once you've made enough Rolls from the event.
5. All prizes won in this event are non-transferable. Bound Commander Cards must be unbound to be merged.
6. All prizes won will be delivered to the winner's in-game mailbox. Each mailbox can ony hold up to 50 messages. Collect your prizes regularly to avoid any accidental losses.
7. Prize deliveries may be delayed in the event of high traffic. We ask for your patience if your prizes don't appear in your mailbox immediately.
8. Please avoid joining this event while the GOII is under maintenance to avoid any accidental losses!

3-Star Tycoon

Become a Galactic Tycoon to win the services of a 3-Star Legendary or Divine Commander! Trample your opponents like a Tycoon today!

Event Period
00:00 – 23:59 Oct 24(Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Site

Event Rules:
1. Each roll of the dice costs 100 Event Credits.
2. Click the "Roll Dice" icon to move your token. You will receive the item displayed on whichever space your token stops.
3. If the token reaches the end or if you click the "Reset Galactic Tycoon" button, your token will return to the starting point
4. All items won in Galactic Tycoon are bound.
5. Players will receive their rewards from through the in-game mailbox. Reminder: Mailboxes can only contain 50 emails maximum. If a new message is received while the mailbox is full, the oldest message will be deleted. The developers of Galaxy Online II are NOT responsible for any losses caused by incoming mail.
6. Players June experience a slight delay in receiving their rewards if there are a lot of participants for the event.

The Galaxy Online II team reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

Galaxy Card Master

Come test your luck with Galaxy Card Master! 10 opportunities for 10 rewards! Rare Commander Cards and Blueprints could be yours!

Event Duration
00:00 Oct 22 - 23:59 Oct 24(Server Time: GMT-5) 

Event Site

Regular rewards:
6-star Chrome Dome
5-star Hekatian Witnesses
Zeus Ex Machina Chest
Divine Life Boat-I
3-star Death From Above
Life Boat-I
Quadra Gems Chest*10
Resetting Card*10
Sealing Card*2
Divine Card

Event Rules
1. Players can accumulate chances to flip Cards through the spending of Mall Points in-game or event credits in events

Accumulated Spendings Accumulated Card Flips
500 1 flip
1,000 2 flips
2,000 3 flips
4,000 4 flips
7,000 5 flips
11,000 6 flips
16,000 7 flips
22,000 8 flips
29,000 9 flips
35,000 10 flips

2. Coupons bought from the Web Mall but not subsequently spent on web events will not count towards the total. If you exchange Coupons for Event credits and spending Event Credits on web events, it will be counted towards this total.
3. This event does not count MP spent to buy items in the Trading Center.
4. Choose a card to reveal your prize!
5. You'll win one of ten prizes randomly. Each of the prizes displayed can only be won once. Each card revealed guarantees a prize that hasn't been won yet. Reveal every card to win every prize!
6. All event prizes are bound. Bound Commander Cards must be unbound to merge.
7. All event prizes will be sent via the in-game mail system. Make sure you have enough room in your mailbox to claim your prize.
8. There may be a delay while playing this event due to high traffic. We appreciate your patience.
9. Players are advised not to play this event while there is a maintenance in effect.
10. If you're playing the game and the event at the same time, refresh your browser to claim your rewards in your mailbox.
11. Buy Mall Points through the MVP icon on the right side of the screen for a 10% MP Bonus!
12. IGG and the GO2 Team reserve the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

Galactic Sweeps

This October we’ll be hosting a Galactic Lotto special where everyone will get a free ticket! Buy the items shown at the top of the page to get more tickets! Let’s have a Lotto Fever this October!

Event Period
00:00 Oct 23 - 23:59 Oct 24(Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Site

Event Rule
1. Players can only use Event Credits to buy the items in the event. All items purchased in the event are bound.
2. You can obtain Event Credits by using Coupons purchased from the in-game Web Mall. 10 Mall Points can purchase 10 Event Credits.
3. Players can buy items from the top half of the event page to raise their amount of total spending.
4.Each item will have a different size of the pot if it turns out to be the winning prize. For example, if a Commander Card is the winning prize of the Galactic lotto, there might be 150 copies to be shared among the winners. If the winning prize is a Sealing, there might be 300 copies to be shared instead. If there are more winners than the number of copies in the pot, each winner will receive 1 copy of the winning item. If no player has a winning ticket, the prize for this session will be forfeited.




there might be 500 copies to be shared among the winners


there might be 500 copies to be shared among the winners

Life Boat

there might be 300 copies to be shared among the winners

Sealing Card

there might be 800 copies to be shared among the winners

Resetting Card

there might be 2000 copies to be shared among the winners

Resource Pack

there might be 5000 copies to be shared among the winners

5. Once you have obtained at least 1 ticket, you can use a ticket on any one of the Commanders in the Lotto section.
6. After each session, a Commander will be drawn from the Lotto pool at random. If the Commander you used your ticket on
is drawn, you will win copies of that Commander.
7. All items purchased and prizes received from this event will be bound. They will be sent via the in-game mailbox.
Remember, your mailbox can only store 50 messages. The Galaxy Online II development team is not responsible for rewards
lost due to full inboxes.
8. Please avoid buying items or using your tickets in the event page during any maintenance period, in order to avoid
unnecessary complications.
If you are in-game while participating in the event, simply refresh your browser to receive your purchases or event prizes.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune for Free!
The Wheel of Fortune

1. To spin the Wheel of Fortune, click here(

2. Each Facebook account is allowed to spin the Wheel of Fortune for free only once each day.

3. Everything won from the Wheel of Fortune will be bound.

4. Prizes won from the Wheel of Fortune will be delivered to that player's in-game mailbox.

IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune event and all its rules and rewards.