Booms 2 Boons

Want the latest Commanders and Blueprints? Eager to discover the Galactic Treasure? Come join Boom2Boon! Mystery prizes await you!

Event Duration
00:00 Sept 26 – 23:59 Sept 27 (Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Site

Event Rules:
1.After purchasing Mall Points, the corresponding pack on the page will light up. Tap on the ‘Claim’ button below the Pack to receive the items it contains.
2.The pack contains Matches, Keys, and a prize. The prize will be sent to your mailbox as a mail, while the number of Matches and Keys will be displayed on the webpage. The number of Matches and Keys varies based on the rank of the Pack.
3.Matches are used to light the Bombs. One Match will be used when you click on the Bomb, and you can then proceed to receive the reward that lies behind it.
4.If you find a Chest under the Bomb, Keys have to be used to unlock the reward.
5.You can only claim the Pack corresponding to the order you have made. For example, if you have purchased 3200MP in a single sale, you can only claim the 3200MP Pack and will not be able to claim the 1500MP and 600MP Packs.

Double Dare

Not happy with just getting one set of rewards? Galaxy Online now gives you two at once! Be they high rank Commanders or rare Blueprints, there’ll be a chance of doubling the rewards! Double the rewards, double the surprise! Wait no longer and start on your journey of luck!

00:00 Sept 26  – 23:59 Sept 27 (Server Time: GMT-5)


1. Each draw will cost 100 Event Points.
2. There are 4 lights around the Draw section. With each draw, there is a chance that they will light up.
3. When all 4 lights have been lit, the X2 above the reward will light up and you will receive double of the rewards on your next draw.
4. All rewards for this event are bound to the receiving player.
5. Please allow up to 3 business days for delivery of any and all rewards. If you do not receive your rewards within 4 business days, please contact the Galaxy Online II Service Center.

The Galaxy Online II team reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

Extra Exploration!

Your favorite Exploration event is getting a massive upgrade! Besides the usual 3 grand prizes, you get MORE Divine Commanders along the way! Avoid the dangerous black holes and steer your way to jumbo sized goodies today!

Event Period
00:00 Sept 26 – 23:59 Sept 27 (Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Site

Event Rules
1. Each entry to the Dark Galaxy costs 100 Event Credits.
2. Simply click the Dark Galaxy to explore. The Quasars in the Dark Galaxy are sequential and must be completed order.
3. The 2nd and 3rd Quasars may contain "Black Holes". Players that fall into "Black Holes" will be unable to proceed and must return to the start of the exploration.
1. All Items earned from the Exploring the Dark Galaxy event are bound.
2. All rewards will be sent through the in-game mail system. Your mailbox can only store 50 messages. The GO II Development Team is not responsible for rewards lost due to full inboxes.
3. Players may experience a slight delay in receiving their rewards if there are many participants for the event. If you don't receive your rewards in 24 hours, please contact the Galaxy Online II Support Center.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune for Free!
The Wheel of Fortune

1. To spin the Wheel of Fortune, click here(

2. Each Facebook account is allowed to spin the Wheel of Fortune for free only once each day.

3. Everything won from the Wheel of Fortune will be bound.

4. Prizes won from the Wheel of Fortune will be delivered to that player's in-game mailbox.

IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune event and all its rules and rewards.