Galaxy Credit Mall!

No matter what you’re buying Mall Points for, with the all-new Galaxy Credit Mall, you'll get to play more and win more! Play three of our most popular events with FREE Credits when you buy Mall Points while the Credit Mall is open! Be sure to check out the Galaxy Credit Mall as we introduce more mini-games and events in the near future! There's always something for everyone, every day!

Event Duration
00:00 Feb 22 – 23:59 Feb 25 (Server Time: GMT-5) 

Event Site

1. Players that buy Mall Points during the event are eligible to join. Each Mall Point you buy earns you 1 Credit.

2. Credits may be exchange for or used to draw prizes.
3. Draw Zone - Spend 100 Credits to draw a prize.
4. Exchange Zone - Exchange Credits for the sale price of item of your choice.
5. VIP Zone: Only available to VIP members based on their level.
6. All prizes won in this Event are non-transferable.00000
7. Any prizes won will be sent to the winning players' in-game mailboxes. Make sure that there's enough room in your mailbox to keep from losing your prizes.
8. Based on the popularity of this event, players may experience a delay before getting their prizes.
9. All Credit totals will reset to 0 when the event ends. Unused Credits will not be refunded.
10. Participating in this event during a server maintenance may result in a loss of prizes or Credits.
11. The Galaxy Online II team reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

Galaxy Gambit!

Feeling lucky? Why not try your hand at our newest event, the Galaxy Gambit! Our top prizes range from 8-star Divine to rare blueprints! What are you waiting for? Come try your luck now!

Event Duration
0:00 Feb 22 - 23:59 Feb 25 (Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Site

Bulletin Board
Grand Prize: 7-star Shadow Countess
Match all 5 dice! (Example: 33333,11111,55555)
List of combos:
1. Large Straight: 23456: 5-star Hekatian Witnesses
2. Small Straight: 12345: 5-star The Forsaken
3. Four of a Kind: 4-star The Pioneers
Match 4 dice. (Example: 22224, 55556)
4. Full House: Legendary Life Boat-II
Have a pair and a Three of a Kind together.  (Example: 22211,66633)
5. Three of a Kind: 3-star Queens of Blades
Match 3 dice. (Example: 33365, 22216)
6. Two Pair: Legendary Life Boat-I
Match 2 separate pairs. (Example: 33221,66442)
7. Random: Roll any other hand to win a random prize.

Event Rules
1. Each dice roll costs 100 Event Credits.
2. Click the Roll button to begin.
3. Your prize is determined by the dice you roll.
4. All rewards are bound to the winning players. Commander Cards must be unbound before they can be merged.
5. All rewards will be sent through the in-game mail system. Make sure you have enough room in your mailbox to receive your prize. The Galaxy Online II team is not responsible for prizes lost due to full mailboxes.
6. You may experience a delay when receiving your prizes due to the amount of rewards sent out.

Rush for Glorious Treasures

The Federation has discovered one of the many secret bases where the space pirates hide and you are ordered to use the Doomsday weapon to raze it to the ground! Any valuables you recover from the space pirates is yours to keep!

Event Period
00:00 Feb 22 – 23:59 Feb 25 (Server Time: GMT-5)

Event Site

Event Content
Click the Hunting Zone to start searching for the Spring Gift Box. There is no limit to the number of entries allowed. Simply click "Explore Again" to keep searching. Epic treasures await any commander that enters. Hurry up and join in the hunt! Each entry costs 100 Event Credits.

Event Rules
1. Each entry to the Hunting Zone costs 100 Event Credits.
2. Any rewards found during the hunt will be sent to you through the in-game mail system. Your mailbox can only store 50 messages. The GOII Development Team is not responsible for rewards lost due to full inboxes.
3. If you draw more than 40 times,  you’ll also win Sealing Card*10. All rewards for this event are bound to the receiving player.
4. Please allow up to 3 business days for delivery of any and all rewards. If you do not receive your rewards within 4 business days, please contact the Galaxy Online II Service Center.
The Galaxy Online II team reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune for Free!
The Wheel of Fortune

1. To spin the Wheel of Fortune, click here(

2. Each Facebook account is allowed to spin the Wheel of Fortune for free only once each day.

3. Everything won from the Wheel of Fortune will be bound.

4. Prizes won from the Wheel of Fortune will be delivered to that player's in-game mailbox.

IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune event and all its rules and rewards.